Blackpool Coastline Visit

To fulfil the Entry Level certificate for the geography unit entitled ‘Coasts’ a group of year 9 students went on trip to Blackpool and Lytham. In class, we had carried out a number of activities to learn about the different types of erosion and why they happen. To extend our knowledge a little further we decided that a trip to the coast would help us to understand how the coastline has been rebuilt to prevent erosion. We could clearly see the new £100m sea defences in Blackpool, which run from Cocker Square down to the Pleasure Beach. This was completed in 2011 and received the Brunel Medal for Civil Engineering Excellence.

On researching the sea defences in Blackpool we discovered that the sea wall has successfully protected over 600 local properties from flooding during the extreme weather. On top of reducing the flooding impact, the new sea wall has so far come through the storms unscathed and without any serious damage. This is in contrast to the old sea defences at Anchorsholme which were damaged by the high tide and waves.

It was a beautiful sunny day during our visit so we parked up and had a walk along Blackpool front. After this we went to the grassy area by the windmill in Lytham and had a very traditional ‘chippy dinner’ on picnic blankets in the sun. Some of the group showed off gymnastic skills while others had a race. We then discussed the difference in the coastline in Lytham than in Blackpool before returning to school.

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