Boney One Kenobi!

This week Waterloo Lodge School welcomed a new member of staff to the PE and Science department but mysteriously kept their name a secret. Mr S, as he was initially known is a former sky diver but retired after he did not have the guts to jump. He then started his own band, as he was great on the trom-bone but sadly had to quit, as nobody would join.

Mr S is the silent type, but noddingly agreed to a new identity chosen by the students of Waterloo Lodge School.  After extensive research and quite a few laughs, Mr Seeds narrowed the names to three:

Albert Spinestein, Mr Calcy M and Boney One Kenobi. All the staff at Waterloo Lodge School voted for their favourite name.

It was a very close contest but the winner by just two votes was Boney One Kenobi chosen by KS3/1 student Kian – well done Kian!

Boney One Kenobi considers himself a calm individual, as nothing can get under his skin has joined Waterloo Lodge School to assist the students in working towards their GCSEs. Boney One Kenobi guarantees he will work himself to the bone at Waterloo Lodge School.