• Sports Relief 2021 Sporting Challenge

    Posted on 19.03.21 by Waterloo Lodge School

    For Sports Relief the pupils of Waterloo Lodge took part in a range of sporting challenges. The weather was wet and windy all week but this didn’t dampen the spirits of Waterloo’s…

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  • Waterloo Lodge School Car Wash

    Posted on 05.03.21 by Waterloo Lodge School

    The enrichment task for KS3 was to continue their life skills unit by spending the afternoon washing and cleaning the school’s minibuses. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed themselves and there was so much…

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  • Random Act of Kindness Week 2021

    Posted on 26.02.21 by Waterloo Lodge School

    This week at Waterloo lodge school, pupils participated in Random Act of Kindness Week (RAOKW). Pupils focused on the idea that Kindness is contagious, creating a ripple effect which spreads out to…

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  • Kaleidoscope

    Posted on 25.01.21 by Waterloo Lodge School

    During Friday enrichment KS3/1 used a Pringles tube to create a Kaleidoscope. They started by creating a range of bright and colourful drawings. Pupils decorated the Pringles tube and inserted mirrored card…

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  • Police Investigation

    Posted on 18.01.21 by Waterloo Lodge School

    Class KS3/1 were brought in to investigate a theft that occurred in the science room. Mr Farnworth was very upset that his prize squidgy scorpion had been stolen!! Before Officer Wareing and…

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  • Enrichment Friday 4th December 2020

    Posted on 07.12.20 by Waterloo Lodge School

    This week area 3 got into the Christmas spirit by creating their own decorations for the English classroom and enjoyed some time in the snow (as it’s quite rare!) Students worked independently…

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  • Friday Enrichment

    Posted on 02.12.20 by Waterloo Lodge School

      After a fantastic first week back to school, our students welcomed a new lesson onto the curriculum – Enrichment! Every Friday afternoon, students will take part in a variety of lessons…

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  • Friday 20th November

    Posted on 23.11.20 by Waterloo Lodge School

    Pupil’s in area 3 honed their map skills looking into their own areas and key places on each. Students were then given the challenge to create their own map of the school…

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  • Boney One Kenobi!

    Posted on 26.10.20 by Waterloo Lodge School

    This week Waterloo Lodge School welcomed a new member of staff to the PE and Science department but mysteriously kept their name a secret. Mr S, as he was initially known is…

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