• The Great Outdoors

    Posted on 14.10.20 by Waterloo Lodge School

    The Enrichment project for KS3/3 for the Autumn Term was full of exploration and getting to know and understand the great outdoors. For one Friday enrichment KS3/3 went for a long walk,…

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  • International Day of Peace

    Posted on 02.10.20 by Waterloo Lodge School

    Last week, students across the school at Waterloo celebrated International Day of Peace. Students learned about what the day means and the events that surround it. Staff and students got involved making…

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  • Friday Enrichment for KS4/4 – 25th September 2020

    Posted on 01.10.20 by Waterloo Lodge School

    This week’s Enrichment for KS4/4 was a practical experience of a baker and the creation of cake toppings using modelling chocolate.  As the Food Technology classroom was unavailable, we improvised and decided…

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  • Come Dine With KS3/2

    Posted on 29.09.20 by Waterloo Lodge School

    This week’s Enrichment task for KS3/2 was to shop on a budget of only £5 at our local Aldi store. Each student was given the task of researching a meal they would…

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  • Welcome to Friday Enrichment!

    Posted on 11.09.20 by Waterloo Lodge School

    After a fantastic first week back to school, our students welcomed a new lesson onto the curriculum – Enrichment! Every Friday afternoon, students will take part in a variety of lessons relatable…

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  • Waterloo Lodge School Enters The Matrix Challenge

    Posted on 14.02.20 by Waterloo Lodge School

    The Matrix Challenge is a National Cyber-Security Challenge created and organised by the Yorkshire and Humber Regional Cyber Crime Unit (YHRCCU), split into two age groups – 11-14 years and 15-17 years,…

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