Come Dine With KS3/2

This week’s Enrichment task for KS3/2 was to shop on a budget of only £5 at our local Aldi store. Each student was given the task of researching a meal they would like to cook, and using Aldi’s website, find the ingredients they required and calculate the cost to ensure it was under £5.

Chicken Tikka Masala and Homemade Pizzas were the food of choice for our budding Gordon Ramsey’s as we headed off to Aldi for our ingredients. With social distancing enforced, our students did us proud.  We teamed-up in pairs to hunt for our ingredients. Like a scene from Supermarket Sweep we flew around Aldi – 15 minutes later, we were on our way back to school with our ingredients and change to spare.

Aprons on and stations cleaned, we were ready to cook. With the rice boiling and the chicken cooking, our chefs worked tirelessly preparing their meals. When the clock struck 1.00pm – all cooking was stopped. With the aroma of a Michelin restaurant seeping through our windows, KS3/2 had to fend off staff and students floating like hungry cartoon characters to see what was cooking. Windows shut and the crowd dispersed, we were ready to eat… verdict from the judges – 5 stars!