Coronavirus letter to parents and carers

20th March 2020

Dear Parents/guardians

For over 25 years, Outcomes First Group, our local authority customers, and the parent community we serve, have faced many challenges big and small and come through them all by supporting each other and working together

I wanted to write to you personally to update you on how we are managing the coronavirus pandemic and keep you informed about the situation at the school in light of the current Covid19 pandemic.  I also wanted to reassure you that we are being very proactive in supporting our pupils and their specific needs.

Almost all the children in Outcomes First Group schools (Acorn/Hillcrest & Options) are vulnerable in some way and we are following Government guidelines to keep our schools open as we are regarded as an essential service.

It is also extremely important that we keep our children safe and as such I would ask you to make sure you do not send your children to school should they present with any symptoms of coronavirus and please do call us to see if we might be able to help in some way with some home study if you felt that were appropriate.

We will endeavour to continue teaching pupils in the normal manner over the coming weeks, however, we may need to make daily adjustments to some of our curriculum routines to accommodate our available staff levels, but can assure you this will not impact on your child’s learning,

For our parent community, we are very aware that many of you are classified as key workers and if you are, we would encourage you to contact us direct and let us know.  This is in order we may plan to potentially keep part of the school open during the Easter break to support you in your essential role.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any general questions or questions specific to your child.

In the meantime, it is the kindness and support that we give to each other that will help us get through these unprecedented times, my sincere thanks go to you for your continued support.

Yours sincerely

Helen R Rigby

Head Teacher