Friday Enrichment


After a fantastic first week back to school, our students welcomed a new lesson onto the curriculum – Enrichment! Every Friday afternoon, students will take part in a variety of lessons relatable to everyday life, ranging from orienteering and interview techniques to a visit to the job centre and budgeting a food shop.  This week KS3/2 took part in teambuilding exercises, with the focus of the lesson being teamwork and communication.  Jack, Alexa and Kayden were instructed to build a tower out of only marshmallows and pasta.  To be successful, they had to communicate and work as a team to build a structure capable of reaching 60cm – no problem for KS3/2 with their tower reaching almost 100cm (flag included).  After a well-earned lunch, KS3/2 then completed a series of smaller tasks, one involving balancing a hoop on your fingertips and lowering it to the floor.  Again, no problem for KS3/2 with some support from Mr Seeds.  A fantastic first week back after a long-time off school.  Roll on the rest of the term!