Japan comes to Chorley during Enrichment Class.

In line with KS3/1’s theme:  Japanese Culture, pupils made Spring Rolls.  They firstly looked at all the wonderful and extravagant foods eaten within Japan and voted on whether they would or wouldn’t try that type of food.  Pupils were surprised at the differences between British and Asian Cuisine.

Their focus then turned to a food that is loved by all around the world:  Spring rolls!  Following the recipe carefully to create their spring rolls they used:  noodles, beansprouts, spring onions, pepper, carrots and garlic. As well as looking at the differences in Cuisines, KS3/1 also looked at the difference in how food is eaten in Japan.  Out came the chopsticks! Pupils watched a video to learn how to use chopsticks, persevering they finally mastered their chopstick eating skills!

Japanese Culture – Spring Rolls