Police Investigation

Class KS3/1 were brought in to investigate a theft that occurred in the science room. Mr Farnworth was very upset that his prize squidgy scorpion had been stolen!!

Before Officer Wareing and Officer Lever started their investigation. They received the pleasure of taking tips off ex Police Officer Mr Kane.  Thanks to Mr Kane pupils knew exactly what to look for and what questions to ask the suspects!

Pupils interviewed the victim: Mr Farnworth. They found a note had been left demanding £1000 if he wanted to see his scorpion again!


Officers Wareing and Lever started to collect evidence. They found a shoe print, finger prints, a pen, a handwritten note, and an ID badge!

The officers were quickly running out of suspects. They were confident they had a lead with the shoe print and ID badge. However, they had a lot of evidence around the note they could analyse! Finger prints! Handwriting and of course the pen!

Officers Wareing and Lever went round all the teachers’ rooms and asked for finger prints and a sample of their handwriting. The Officers also asked the teachers to hand in the black pens they use!  Mr Mogra was first. Mr, Ormerod, Miss Soni and Miss Simpkin followed

Officer Lever and Wareing then tested the ink in the pen using Chromatography! They found the pen at the scene had the exact same ink from the pen that they confiscated of Miss Soni for evidence!


After looking around Miss Soni’s classroom. Squidgy Scorpion was found! He was returned to his rightful owner!

Like True Police officers, officer Wareing and Lever completed a Police report on the incident!


Case Closed!