Random Act of Kindness Week 2021

This week at Waterloo lodge school, pupils participated in Random Act of Kindness Week (RAOKW). Pupils focused on the idea that Kindness is contagious, creating a ripple effect which spreads out to the people around them which encourages them to also be kind.

To make things a little more interesting a competition was set up. This was to compete for the title of ‘Kindest Pupil’ and the winner would receive a voucher! Pupils had to display acts of kindness around school in order to win a ‘Caught you being kind’ card. They had to collect as many cards as they could in order to win!

Winner of the 'Caught you being kind' in the Random Act of Kindness Week

Winner of the RAOKW who received 21 ‘Caught you being kind’ cards from members of staff.

Well done to Levi who collected a total of 21 Kindness cards! Some of his kind acts included: helping his peers, helping staff, opening doors and complimenting staff! A huge well done to all WLS pupils who participated. A total of 103 ‘Caught you being kind’ cards were given out by staff members! Spread the kindness!

To add to the aura of kindness around school. Pupils were also given a Kindness BINGO challenge. It included 16 tasks that pupils had to complete throughout the week. For each task they completed they coloured the relevant box in. Pupils thoroughly enjoyed this and were very eager to check and colour all their boxes. There were a lot of full coloured boxes!

Act of Kindness Thank you cards

Pupils were encouraged to thank their favourite members of staff

Pupils ended the week by thanking their favourite member of staff for all the hard work that they do.  Pupils included their own reasons for being thankful which made it extra special.