Serious about Science! Catapults, Lava Lamps and Snowstorms

Class enrichment projects

Serious about science

KS3/1 broke up for half term with a bang! In our final Enrichment week, they showed just how serious about science they were! Their first task was to create a catapult using lollipop sticks, Sellotape and elastic bands. As true scientists, the pupils went through many phases of trial and error.  Both Kian and Michaela ended up with fully functioning catapults, which would have given medieval soldiers a run for their money! They built castles using Lego and went to war; the power and sturdiness of Kian’s catapult proved too much for Michaela’s castle and very sadly, her castle was conquered.

KS3/1 to develop their scientifically skills they followed their practical instructions to create lava lamp using oil, vinegar, baking powder, and mica powder for colour. Their next instruction was to create a snowstorm in a jar using the same concept.

KS3/1 really enjoyed this terms enrichment and have found a new love for science. They picked up lots of skills that they can use in their school subjects and in the wider world.