Slippers for Shelter Charity Day

In December, all the staff at Waterloo Lodge School work together to encourage the pupils to consider those less fortunate than themselves. On the 9th December, everyone was welcomed to wear slippers and pyjamas to school to help raise money for the ‘Slippers for Shelter’ charity that helps the homeless and those in need of shelter.

Through topic groups pupils identified how it would feel to be homeless in winter. Mr McClure provided cardboard boxes and blankets and asked the pupils to imagine that they were homeless and that night was falling. Pupils were giving the task to find a safe space to set up a bed for the night. The pupils found their safe space within the school grounds and bedded down. Mr McClure then delivered the stark truth about how difficult some people may find things out on the streets. Role play was used to help the pupils identify and sympathise with the thousands of people that will be sleeping without shelter, food, warmth and adequate clothing to keep them safe.

This whole day really does help raise awareness and help us all to understand the importance of raising funds for this particular charity.  

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