The Great Outdoors

The Enrichment project for KS3/3 for the Autumn Term was full of exploration and getting to know and understand the great outdoors. For one Friday enrichment KS3/3 went for a long walk, looking at the impact different weathers have on our environment.  All the KS3/3 pupils thoroughly enjoyed the walk and collected various materials to make items for their outdoor area project.


The following week the Form Tutor, Miss Johnson thought it was time for KS3/3 to get creative.  KS3/3 brainstormed all the different forms of extreme weathers and working as a grouped created representations of them using various materials.


KS3/3 pupils got messy using shaving foam, water and food colouring. They thoroughly enjoyed watching the food colouring seep through the shaving foam. This was a great representation of rain.


KS3/3 created their version of a tornado by adding water to one bottle followed by food colouring, with pupils picking the colour they thought best represented a tornado.  The two bottles were taped together. As the bottle was tipped upside down the water rushed into the other bottle making a tornado effect.  The KS3/3 pupils challenged each other to see whose tornado was the fastest.  This then led to KS3/3 researching the speeds of tornados and watching video clips of tornados in action.


To represent the Sun and how this made the KS3/3 pupils feel, they decorated fairy cakes to show their feelings of happiness


KS3/3 used large pieces of rock to paint to their representation of thunder.  These will be displayed in the school garden as part of a rockery the KS3/3 pupils are developing.  The rockery is already under development by the KS3/3 pupils who intend to plant different flowers, and include their amazing patterned rocks.