The Pyramids Of Waterloo Lodge

You can be forgiven to think Chorley is the new Giza! Despite the weather and desert environment, Waterloo Lodge School’s Year 8 Pharaohs have been working extremely hard, designing and constructing pyramids. Year 8 students have been combining their Mathematical and Artistic skills to recreate a scaled replica of the pyramids of Egypt. Their imagination and creation after completing their topic on Egyptians has been unleashed on the Pyramids of Waterloo.

As the Ancient Egyptians said “the first step to success, is to believe in oneself” and our Pharaohs at Waterloo Lodge School have proven this week that they are capable in taking those to success.

After hours of hard work and dedication, the completed Pyramids of Waterloo stood tall and proud in the beaming midday sun of Chorley. The Art room could not contain the excitement. The atmosphere was palpable. And the judges were ready. There could only be one Pharaoh of the land… Arise Pharaoh Adam!