Waterloo Lodge School Enters The Matrix Challenge

The Matrix Challenge is a National Cyber-Security Challenge created and organised by the Yorkshire and Humber Regional Cyber Crime Unit (YHRCCU), split into two age groups – 11-14 years and 15-17 years, residing in the UK. Experiencing the Matrix Challenge, reinforces key areas such as the computer misuse act and how to stay safe on line, just some of the topics we have covered this term at Waterloo Lodge School.

The Computer Misuse Act 1990

The initial challenge was entered via an online platform taking our pupils around 30 minutes to complete. Five elements tested our pupils: The Computer Misuse Act 1990, staying safe online, steganography, python coding and a cipher.

The challenge was designed to test their digital skills and encourage the development of abilities that could enable a career in the cyber security landscape.

If a pupil from Waterloo Lodge School is selected, they will be one of the 72 best entries into the Matrix Challenge 2020 and will then be invited to a grand final at Vodafone UK Headquarters on Saturday 4th July.  Our pupils will be required and tested on their various skills with previous finals having incorporated, capture the flag, open source social media, drone capture, lock picking and team events. Not only are there loads of great prizes up for grabs, there is also the honour of being the first national Matrix Challenge champion!

Learning Objective: Caesar Cipher

We couldn’t have facilitated this event without the co-operation of the IT Department @ Bolton! Thank you.

Good Luck to all!

Nick Ormerod

IT Instructor | Waterloo Lodge School