About Us

Waterloo Lodge School

Statement of Purpose


Waterloo Lodge School is a co-educational special day school which strives to provide a caring, structured learning environment for children with Education Health Care Plans (EHCP).  Pupils can develop academically, socially, emotionally and morally to their full potential.


Waterloo Lodge School provides a holistic and flexible approach to education by preparing pupils for all the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life.  We are committed to delivering a personalised curriculum based on a thorough assessment of a pupil’s needs and learning style.  Pupils are provided with an appropriate and challenging curriculum in an environment where teachers can deliver exciting and innovative lessons.  Waterloo Lodge School supports and develops pupils to lead independent and successful lives and become responsible and active citizens.


The ethos of the school is to provide a safe, secure, stimulating and caring environment where expectations and achievements are consistent and high.  Personal growth and development is always promoted.  Opportunities to experience success, learn from mistakes and build trusting relationships serve to enhance confidence and self-esteem.


Every pupil has a, ‘Pupil Passport’ which identifies needs in the four main developmental areas: Cognition and Learning, Communication and Interaction, Social, Emotional and Mental Health and Sensory, Physical and or medical.  This detailed planning has enabled the school to meet the needs of all our pupils.


The role of education is seen as critical and embraces a wide range of academic, vocational, therapeutic and leisure activities. The school provides access to the National Curriculum and a range of external examinations are offered at GCSE and Entry Level.  There is a strong emphasis on literacy and numeracy and subject specialist teachers have the specific brief of enhancing attainment.


Waterloo Lodge School is approved by the DfE (No 888/6026) to cater for 55 children between the ages 11 to 18 years.  The school is situated on the outskirts of Chorley in Lancashire.


Mission Statement:


Waterloo Lodge School is a place where everyone is treated with dignity, with respect and is of equal worth.  Our vision is to develop a highly effective learning community:


  • Open & Honest
    • To be fair and transparent
    • To do the right thing
    • To be respectful


  • Dream Big
    • To make positive changes
    • To aspire and achieve
    • To be ambitious


  • Deliver Promises
    • To be accountable
    • To take responsibility
    • To be committed


  • Be Inclusive
    • To value diversity
    • To create safe, nurturing environments
    • To care about each other and what we do


We aspire to being an exemplar of best practice for pupils locally and regionally. We have a clear view of our purpose and practice and this is articulated in the theoretical and philosophical basis of our work.


We believe that the potential for future development of the pupils placed within Waterloo Lodge School rests primarily within the individual child, but this ‘potential’ is encouraged to fulfilment through the supporting work of all the dedicated teachers and staff working in partnership with parents and carers.